Million Artists is a new project, aimed at raising funds for medical charities, while creating the world’s largest piece of collaborative abstract art. Each donor selects a pixel of color to become part of a huge abstract ’painting’. You don’t even have to be an artist to take part and donations are made easy by PayPal or credit card.
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Total donations: $1775
Total donors: 222

1. What is the Million Artists project?

It is a project to raise funds for select medical charities and at the same time create a collaborative piece of art in a way that has never been done before and set a new world record.

2. How does it work?

One million people from all over the world will place one small dot (pixel) each, thus creating a picture painted by the most artists. Each artist can donate as little as 1 dollar to the charity of their choice. The donation can be done using any credit card or a paypal account. This validates that the artist/donor is an unique and existing person.

3. Who are you? Are you artists?

We are Eugene Pik and Anthony Barker. We live in Toronto, Canada. We think that everyone is an artist - all we have to do is tap the artist within each one of us. We’ve tried to approach charities that we think resonate with most people and are doing excellent work. We are counting on you to make this project work!

4. Why are you doing this project?

We would like to have fun, raise money for the world class medical charities and set a Guinness World Record.

5. What do artists get back for their help?

First they get the chance to support an outstanding charity. Furthermore to promote our registered artists, each artist’s name, town and URL to his web site will be posted on “Artists and Donations” page.

One hundred Most Generous Artists are listed in order of their donations.

One randomly selected artist will be shown on the top menu banner.

We will advertise 100 randomly selected pixels, their color and author on the front page.

We are starting Referral Program and will post 100 artists who referred most friends on “Referrals” page.

All lists are updated frequently.

Each registered artist receives an email with a certificate. Don’t forget to hang it in your office!  :)

6. I don’t have a credit card, how can I donate?

If you don’t have a credit card or paypal account and don’t want to open one you can have any family member or friend donate using their credit card. Please ask the card holder to write your name in shipping address. Then you will receive your personal certificate; your name and URL will be posted on our site.

7. How can I have a different name appear instead of my real name?

Enter a different name in the paypal shipping address and that will be used instead of the name registered in paypal or the credit card.

8. Is there an administration fee for the fund raising or does all my money go to the charity?

Our target is to be highly efficient and have less than 10% financial overhead. Small donations are necessarily a bit more expensive to process but we think this allows more people to get involved.
Furthermore, we are looking for corporate sponsors to give matching funds of which 100% will go to the charity.

9. Can I get a tax receipt?

Tax receipts for the donations starting from $25 USD will be issued by the participating charities once in a quarter when they receive donor information from the Million Artists project. We will reevaluate the frequency of the data transfers as more donors come on board. Donors giving to charities outside of their country of residence should consult their local tax authority to see if they are eligible for a tax deduction.

10. How do I get my charity listed?

Please send us an email and we will consider it. We are trying not to have too much overlap in terms of geographic coverage.

11. When I register what kind of website link can I provide?

You may provide a link to your personal website, your blog or any other site of your choice except links to inappropriate sites such as adult, weapons, gambling or illegal content. Such links will be removed immediately at our discretion.

Million Artists does not assume responsibility for the content of linked sites and offering a link does not imply recommendation or approval from the MillionArtists.com

To report inappropriate content please contact us.