October 04, 2005

...And there was morning

A year ago I read about a picture designed by Jim Campbell.
Jim set Guinness World Record when his picture was painted by 25,297 people and was completed in 3 years, 7 months on June 14, 1998. Then I thought "would it be possible to use Internet and computer technology, I could break that record!" However I had no idea how to identify people involved in the project, how to prove that these are real people and not some kind of computer generated fake identities.

From time to time I was returning to that idea until three weeks ago I read about English student Alex Tew and his MillionDollarHomepage project. He is selling ads placed on his web page. One pixel for one dollar... At that moment I felt like lighting hit my head... Of course! Here we are! People can be authenticated using reputable financial system! I've got an answer for the problem I was thinking whole year about!

Now I'm ready to go for a Guinness record! Yahoo!  :)

Posted by Eugene at October 4, 2005 07:38 PM