October 09, 2005

... And there was light

To break a Guinness World Record... Sounds interesting, but how am I going to do that? Is that actually a break of the existing record or setting of a new one? What are the technical details? Questions, questions, questions...

OK, here is the plan:

On the main page of MillionArtists.com site I will have one million pixels (single dots) that could be filled by (surprise!  :) ) one million people.

Each person will select the color and brightness of his pixel and pay $1 on PayPal.com web site for authentication. The pixel will be randomly placed on the unused space of the picture. Once the picture gets filled, PayPal can officially confirm number of artists involved in the project.

Yesterday I discussed technical details with my friend Anthony and he agreed to help me setup a web site. Anthony and I worked in computer industry for many years, but when I was more involved in support, he has a development background. Together we are very strong team to run the project.

I registered MillionArtists.com domain name. It must explain its purpose.

Posted by Eugene at October 9, 2005 09:50 PM