October 14, 2005

web site design

Anthony is working on the web site architecture and back end programming. I've contacted my other friend Assia who is an artists and professional web designer. She will help us to make the web site to look good. Unfortunately everyone's days are busy, so working on nights...

I was reading the Guinness World Record application form. In the beginning they ask if this is definitely an existing Guinness World Record or a new proposal. I didn't know what to answer... On one hand there is existing record set by Jim Campbell that I wanted to break, but on the other mine is somehow different - it is technology based versus the real one.

Should the picture created over the Internet fall under Guinness 'art' or 'Internet' category? I do not have the answer... I guess it would be fair to let artists to vote for the category and once I have enough responses I'll send the application.

Posted by Eugene at October 14, 2005 06:44 PM