March 13, 2006

New Site Released!

Well finally we have our new site up. It took a lot longer than expected to get the charities involved. I think the cause was that Eugene and I were fairly busy and as this is something new for most charities it took them a while to understand the concept. Eugene is still trying to work with Unicef to get them involved. They have forwarded us to their New York headquarters and have been fairly slow to get back to us. Yes even charities have some bureaucracy.

So far the feedback from SickKids and MSF has been excellent. One interesting modification of the site came from MSF - who do not allow their logo on the same page as a corporate logo. We moved the sponsor logos to another page.

We have forwarded the site to many of our coworkers and they have given us excellent feedback as well. Eugene has done and excellent job taking all the recommendations and working them into the site. He also removed the text content from code. He took all the English text and then put it into a file. He also translated the site into Russian. He has been very busy. If you would like to help out by translating the text into your language please contact Eugene by email. He will send you the language file.

We are also looking for Artist/Art critic support. Do you think this a great idea? Or do you think it is ridiculous? Speak out and either post it to your weblog and send us a link or send us an email and we will post it.

Finally, we need your support spreading the word and getting more people involved. If each of us get 5 people to contribute to the picture it will be finished in short order.

Posted by Anthony at March 13, 2006 07:11 PM