March 16, 2006

The largest collaborative abstract art project.

What the final image will be like? Is there a way to organize the pixels so that the final piece can be meaningful and pleasing to look at?

I see the point regarding the "meaningful and pleasant look" and have to agree that our picture may become just "white noise"... My friends even asked me to run a computer simulation to see what I may get at the end, but I answered that when I do have a control over the location, I don't have one over the people preferences' and can't simulate the color choice which depends on thousands of different factors: age, sex, country, and perhaps even the moon. For example, I know that probably most 9 year old girls would prefer the color pink. I can't simulate or predict that.

On other hand I'd compare this "random pixel location" method to Jackson Pollock's method of "dripping paint from cans with holes in the bottom", but I must agree that mine is ever more extreme: when Pollock used his own senses to make what he believed reflects his art vision, I'm going to use sense of color of a million different people. Will I get the "meaningful and pleasant look" at the end? I do not know. Will it show the feelings of the million people? I believe it will. So I guess this work may become interesting and probably even known as the "largest collaborative abstract art project".

Posted by Eugene at March 16, 2006 01:48 AM