May 01, 2006

Lost in translation :)

A few days ago I decided to advertise a volunteer job for translation of from English to other languages. This was the first time I used and I must admit that its user interface is pretty easy and new people like me are not scared away by the registration procedure. So late at night I placed my ad and switched off my PC. When I turned it on the next morning, there were about 50 messages... and this is for just the volunteer job!!! I was absolutely not ready for such a large response... I was surprised and overwhelmed by the storm of messages I received. People from all over the world offered their help. As I started answering people the number of unopened emails just kept growing... I guess there were about 100 different people and if I count all messages going back and forth, I think I sent about 300 emails from 6:00 in the morning until midnight. It was an absolutely great experience - I never met so many excellent people in one day before. We will publish a full list of all the translators on our contacts page in a few days.

While we are busy with dozens of translations we also have some press releases that we are working on. Hopefully these will improve awareness of the project and get some media exposure. As well MSF was nice enough to provide us with a list of their media contacts which we are going to approach.

Posted by Eugene at May 1, 2006 06:01 PM