July 27, 2006

The first cheques have been forwarded to the charities.

As per our agreement with MSF and SickKids we have transferred both the money and the donor details to the participating charities.

A two weeks delay was caused by the fact that neither MSF nor SickKids currently have a PayPal account where we could transfer gathered donations. Both charities found that the logistics for opening the account would take too long time and we agreed to send checks to both charities. Hopefully they will have PayPal accounts opened by the next financial transfer making it much faster, secure and easier to trace.

Charities only received the details of the donors from which they received a donation. To protect personal information files were encrypted using 256-bit AES; "street address" and "email" fields saved as an 'encrypted binary' in our database.

New development:
We are working with two new charitable organizations and updating our development web site; including the translations. Announcements regarding our joined effort will be released on August 1st.

Posted by Eugene at July 27, 2006 12:12 AM