May 25, 2007

Project improvements: 1 - Music and Color editor

Thanks everybody for supporting the project! I feel guilty for not giving it much attention, but now you all pushed me to do better. So, here is a plan:

First we need to improve user's experience - the current activities proposed to our artists are not attractive enough, they're missing the 'creativity', 'art' or self expression.

There is an idea to make a light and sound editor, so artists would write their melody or upload their MIDI files and compose them with colored light dots similar to the new musical instrument created by the media artist Toshio Iwai to let every artist create their own melody. We would have every artist's profile where they could show their pixel as well as the melody they created. When the instrument created by Toshio combines sound and light, we could add colors already chosen by our artists.

Once the melody (combined with lights and colors) is created, the artist would be able to download it, send to their friends or just send them a link to the video file located on our server.

Some time ago Anthony attended Toshio's presentation. We tried to contact Mr. Iwai to get him involved or at least approve our idea to eliminate possible copyright troubles; however we received no response back. And here I need your help: to contact Toshio Iwai and explain him our project to resolve possible copyright questions and to find an experienced web, flash and graphic developers that would be interested in supporting the project.

Posted by Eugene at May 25, 2007 01:52 PM