Million Artists is a new project, aimed at raising funds for medical charities, while creating the world’s largest piece of collaborative abstract art. Each donor selects a pixel of color to become part of a huge abstract ’painting’. You don’t even have to be an artist to take part and donations are made easy by PayPal or credit card.
Featured Artist
Total donations: $1775
Total donors: 222
         Name (location) Level Donated to
Angbkr T (Grand Ronde, USA)BronzeNOCA
Walter Paul B (Forest Hills, USA)PlatinumSickKids
Manahan Laut S (Jatirahayu - Bekasi, IDN)SilverCFW
donna n (mechanicsburg, USA)BronzeCFW
Dawn C (Templestowe, AUS)BronzeSickKids
stephenson j (strathroy, CAN)BronzeNOCA
stephenson j (strathroy, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Kristine A (Wasilla, USA)BronzeSickKids
Paper D (Joondalup RP, AUS)PlatinumMSF
Knut P (Pinneberg, DEU)SilverCFW
Robert T (Lubbock, USA)SilverSickKids
Walter Paul B (Forest Hills, USA)PlatinumSickKids
avi e (beriln, DEU)BronzeSickKids
Michael L (Wasaga Beach, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Steven L (Markham, CAN)GoldNOCA
Michael S (Toronto, CAN)PlatinumSickKids
ID E (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeNOCA
David M (Bridgnorth, GBR)BronzeMSF
Athina S (London, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Chantal M (Albuquerque, USA)SilverSickKids
Theresa A (Burlington, CAN)BronzeSickKids
midy f (isbergues, FRA)BronzeMSF
Boomer F (New York, USA)PlatinumCFW
Kriton K (Bath, GBR)SilverMSF
Diane E (Amsterdam, NLD)BronzeMSF
ulrica s (Göteborg, SWE)SilverCFW
sheila l (calgary, CAN)BronzeCFW
grainne S (galway, IRL)BronzeSickKids
Jane S (Cleggan, IRL)BronzeMSF
jacob b (vanløse, DNK)BronzeMSF
Julia D (Rostock, DEU)GoldSickKids
Davina R (Toronto, CAN)GoldNOCA
Ben A (Ottawa, CAN)BronzeNOCA
Jennifer A (Kingston, CAN)SilverNOCA
Matthew M (Saint Paul, USA)BronzeCFW
K P (Marystown, CAN)BronzeNOCA
Phaedra N (Toronto, CAN)GoldNOCA
Clarice C (Scarborough, CAN)GoldNOCA
Bruce M (San Francisco, USA)GoldNOCA
Frances T (Toronto, CAN)GoldNOCA
Janice C (Toronto, CAN)BronzeNOCA
Brittni C (Toronto, CAN)SilverNOCA
Elisabeth R (Toronto, CAN)SilverNOCA
Synnove E (Birmingham, GBR)SilverMSF
Alexander P (Alexander Heights, AUS)BronzeCFW
Nicole M (Florence, USA)SilverMSF
Mitchell M (Churchlands, AUS)PlatinumCFW
Eric I (Eagan, USA)GoldMSF
Eugen S (Toronto, CAN)SilverCFW
Ana R (Lisboa, PRT)SilverCFW
Art24Seven C (Dundee, GBR)PlatinumSickKids
Art24Seven C (Dundee, GBR)GoldMSF
Headfusion I (Waterloo, CAN)PlatinumSickKids
Donald M (Cary, USA)GoldSickKids
rhett f (raleigh, USA)BronzeSickKids
Ruth U (Cary, USA)BronzeSickKids
Janice D (Toronto, CAN)BronzeMSF
Victoria P (Thessaloniki, GRC)GoldSickKids
Victoria P (Thessaloniki, GRC)GoldMSF
Adam D (Painesville, USA)BronzeMSF
Susan P (St. Catharines, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Kim M (Toronto, CAN)GoldSickKids
Ilan C (Stamford, USA)BronzeSickKids
Karen F (Woodside, USA)BronzeMSF
Softoice (Unterschleißheim, DEU)SilverMSF
Susan P (St. Catharines, CAN)BronzeSickKids
David F (Toronto, CAN)SilverMSF
Andriy R (Halifax, CAN)BronzeMSF
Tammy C (St .Catharines, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Tammy C (St. Catharines, CAN)BronzeSickKids
www.hitcalls.com (Markham, CAN)PlatinumMSF
PNDRLL`s e (Tuart Hill, AUS)BronzeMSF
Darrell A S (Kelowna, CAN)BronzeMSF
Vicki L (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Alex F (Aurora, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Jackie F (Aurora, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Hannah F (Aurora, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Megan F (Aurora, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Jackie F (Aurora, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Brett W (Oshawa, CAN)BronzeMSF
Michael I (Nanaimo, CAN)GoldMSF
3D Mirror (Norwood, USA)PlatinumMSF
Annapoorna S (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Ashleigh C (Oshawa, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Cindy S (Upsala, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Treena M W (Victoria, CAN)SilverSickKids
Ramnish G (Wellington, NZL)GoldSickKids
Earlin C (Hamilton, CAN)GoldMSF
Richard B (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeMSF
Devon H (Delta, CAN)BronzeSickKids
C A B (Quesnel, CAN)BronzeMSF
Michelle H (Acton, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Cheryl C (Port Hope, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Lise B (Ottawa, CAN)BronzeMSF
Elisa M (Coquitlam, CAN)SilverSickKids
Mandy L (London, CAN)SilverSickKids
Barbara M (Delta, CAN)SilverMSF
Tricia H (Stoney Creek, CAN)GoldSickKids
Michael L (Wasaga Beach, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Riki Lee S (Avondale, CAN)BronzeMSF
Stephenie P (Hamilton, CAN)BronzeMSF
Anastasia M (Toronto, CAN)GoldSickKids
Charles S (Keswick, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Leonard C (Vancouver, CAN)BronzeMSF
Kevin T (Halifax, CAN)BronzeSickKids
dan r (Edmonton, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Andrew D (London, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Amy H (Niagara falls, CAN)BronzeMSF
Barb C (Toronto, CAN)BronzeMSF
Benjamin G (Brossard, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Darren L (Port Hope, CAN)BronzeMSF
Kim L (Sudbury, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Kim S (Calgary, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Helena K (Oshawa, CAN)BronzeMSF
Cheryl M (Port Hope, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Kenneth W (Burlington, CAN)PlatinumSickKids
John H (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Sean C (Cambridge, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Sean C (Cambridge, CAN)BronzeMSF
David S (Vancouver, CAN)BronzeMSF
Andrew G (Toronto, CAN)GoldSickKids
Robert G C (Guelph, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Shawn W (Brantford, CAN)BronzeSickKids
J Michael N (Ottawa, CAN)BronzeMSF
Sherif E (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeMSF
Paul L (North Tonawanda, USA)BronzeSickKids
Neil B (Vancouver, CAN)BronzeMSF
Sylvia F (Holland Landing, CAN)SilverSickKids
The I (Calgary, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Jorge H (Berkley, USA)SilverSickKids
3Prong.com I (Toronto, CAN)SilverMSF
Joseph J (Richlands, USA)GoldSickKids
Tina S (Bloomingdale, USA)BronzeSickKids
Shawn M (Yellowknife, CAN)BronzeMSF
Chiharu T (Kobe, JPN)BronzeMSF
Carmen M (Mexico City, MEX)BronzeMSF
Luis Javier S (Norwich, GBR)BronzeMSF
Maria-Venetia K (Norwich, GBR)BronzeMSF
APT.COM (New York, USA)BronzeSickKids
WebAntiphon C (Las Vegas, USA)BronzeMSF
Oystein R (Kongsberg, NOR)SilverSickKids
Vista S (Gastonia, USA)BronzeMSF
Mariusz S (Poznan, GBR)SilverMSF
Tom P (Turku, FIN)BronzeMSF
Edith N (Carrollton, USA)BronzeMSF
Hander H (Miguel Pereira, BRA)SilverMSF
Paula G (London, GBR)BronzeMSF
Tobi H (Oceanside, USA)BronzeMSF
Artistic Directory (Barnsley, GBR)BronzeMSF
Sagi B (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Madeline L (howard beach, USA)BronzeSickKids
Artists C (Los Angeles, USA)BronzeSickKids
Richard L (Toronto, CAN)GoldSickKids
Gabriel P (Cary, USA)BronzeMSF
Nadia P (Cary, USA)BronzeMSF
Ari P (cary, USA)BronzeMSF
Ron P (morrisville, USA)BronzeMSF
Ruth T (Carnforth, GBR)BronzeMSF
Debra Ann K (Hicksville, USA)BronzeMSF
Katrin E (Kilmacolm, GBR)SilverMSF
Ming H (Markham, CAN)GoldSickKids
Maggie S (Morris Plains, USA)BronzeSickKids
Bootneck (Stourbridge, GBR)GoldMSF
Jemez C (Jemez Springs, USA)BronzeSickKids
Philip K F C (Markham, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Katy K C (Markham, CAN)BronzeMSF
Maddy R (Brooklyn, USA)SilverMSF
Ruth U (Cary, USA)BronzeSickKids
ugochuku o (essex, GBR)GoldMSF
Fred T (Cary, USA)BronzeMSF
Ingvild Orskaug K (London, GBR)BronzeMSF
Pradeep P (Woodbridge, CAN)BronzeMSF
Vista S (Gastonia, USA)BronzeSickKids
EzHomeAds.com (New York, USA)BronzeMSF
Rasheed H (Houston, USA)BronzeMSF
John E (BARFORD, Warwick, GBR)SilverMSF
Walter Paul B (Forest Hills, USA)BronzeSickKids
Cynthia L (Raleigh, USA)BronzeMSF
Marina F (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Constance P (Cary, USA)BronzeMSF
ITJobber (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Carole S (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Kimberly I (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeMSF
Madhu P (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Tino (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeMSF
Christina B (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeMSF
Tim S (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Hannah S (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeMSF
Sasha S (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Shirley H (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeMSF
Redochre (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Ablot (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeSickKids
Glazam (Stourbridge, GBR)BronzeMSF
Maxine C (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Eugene C (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Lauren F (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Diana S (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Ali R (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Paul T (Brampton, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Diana P (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Anna C (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Serge K (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Juriy M (North York, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Andrei C (Mississauga, CAN)BronzeMSF
Pavol H (Palisades Park, USA)BronzeMSF
Yuri G (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Felix T (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Alla B (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Andriy D (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Oksana S (Toronto, CAN)BronzeMSF
Konstantin P (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Inesa M (Toronto, CAN)BronzeMSF
Maya P (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Igor L (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Lev R (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Yael D (Oakville, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Larisa S (Haifa, ISR)BronzeSickKids
Anthony B (Toronto, CAN)BronzeSickKids
Feliks M (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeMSF
David P (Haifa, ISR)BronzeMSF
Eugene P (Thornhill, CAN)BronzeMSF
Dmitri I (Richmond Hill, CAN)BronzeSickKids